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This page, You can switch the currency to USD , EURO and JPY.

Also you can google auto translate by clicking the floating language tab with flag showing on the right above.

Shipping is now available to USA, CANADA for oversea.

The limits are 2kg max for one time due to the covid-19,

Some items are not available for oversea shipping, please check the product info.

—Due to the situation of Covid-19,

the shipping price and availability changes quite often.

The shipping has tracking number and guarantee cover up to 20000yen (about 170USD)
※Right now under the covid-19 , depends on the available shipping method, for Canada, theres no gurantees and insurance they accept. If you are concerned about this please contact me before you purchace.

Shipping takes

USA 5days-1week

CANADA 2-3weeks

also note that tax charges may occurs under the control of your country’s custom regulations

To import Japan, under the certain amount purchase for personal uses won’t charge custom with Stones, but not sure about details of your country so please check the your country’s international custom rate.

Planning to ship to Korea, and Europe country as well in the fure, right now I am working on it.


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